The story of a former stutterer...

Hi friend! My name is Marcus Lapp. I know what it’s like to feel like a hopeless stutterer. I vividly remember the stress and the anxiety of doing the simplest of things like ordering food at a restaurant (I would often piggyback off of somebody else’s order instead of getting what I actually wanted).

I’ve even had incredibly embarrassing instances where I introduced myself to someone and I stuttered all over my name. 

Simple activities like ordering food, talking on the phone, and introducing myself to strangers were all sources of deep pain and anxiety.

And then of course, there was the overall fatigue and stress that I carried with me every day. Stuttering would often be the very first thing on my mind when I would wake up in the morning. 

​BUT that’s not who I am anymore. Through hard work, commitment, and the tutorship of a couple amazing people along the way, I have become over 95% fluent. (Meaning that in over 95% of interactions I speak completely smoothly without a hint of stuttering)

No, I’m not “cured" but I AM a fluent speaker. While I do possess some sort of hereditary deficiency, that hasn’t stopped me from overwriting my stuttering habit with a NEW and FLUENT way of speaking. This isn’t a fairy tale and there is no quick fix, but overcoming your stutter is well within your grasp if you understand the basic science of how your brain works and how new habits are formed.

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