3 Ways Fluency Will Change Your Life

Hey friend,

A maxim I've begun to repeat a lot of late is this:

In the ever-demanding social world we live in, fluent speech is more important than ever and we must be diligent in consistently making these small improvements in our speech. 

When you are a highly fluent speaker:

  • You have the power to propel yourself farther in your career.
  • Your energy doesn’t get zapped by constant anxiety about stuttering.
  • Your life simply becomes much more exciting and enjoyable.

Now let me show you three more reasons why becoming a fluent speaker will change your life:

Reason #1: You’ll have more energy to put toward things you care about.

No more waking up and immediately feeling drained about a dreaded speaking situation you have coming up; instead, you’ll be free to put that energy toward your career, or your relationships, or heck, maybe flying off the side of a mountain more often...

Me and my sister flying straight off a cliff for no reason at all.


Reason #2: You will feel much more connected in the social world.

If you’re like most of us who struggle (or have struggled) with stuttering, then you probably have been to a party or social event and you’re the awkward person standing in the corner not talking to anyone because you’re stressed out of your mind about your stutter. 

Imagine how empowered you would feel if you could let your natural personality, your charisma, your charm flow out of you. Think about how this would change your dating prospects, your ability to make new friends, your ability to get a promotion at work, etc…

Exploring Los Angeles with my friend Josh.


Reason #3: Becoming a great speaker opens the door to you becoming the best version of yourself.

If I had never put in the effort to rise above my stutter and become a skilled speaker, I would never have had the confidence to pursue life as an entrepreneur. I also would have a far less exciting dating and social life. 

Close your eyes for a second and think about what the best version of you might look like. And then ask yourself: “Is my speech an important part of my best life?” Let your own answer be your guide.

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