Why Anti-Stuttering Devices DON'T WORK

Hey friend, 

One of the biggest problems in the speech therapy/coaching world is, interestingly, our own human nature.

Here’s what I mean: we humans like things to be fast, easy, and straightforward.

This tendency that we all share makes us easy targets for people who want to make a quick buck by selling you a device or some meds for your stuttering struggles. 

And boy oh boy, the temptation to "buy" your ticket to fluency is almost irresistible when you have reached a certain level of frustration with your speech.

And this is where companies have stepped in to sell you THIS crap...

Folks, it's 2024. There's a REASON people have been looking for a cure for stuttering and they always come up short. 

And that reason is simple: simply treating the external symptoms of a problem will never get to the heart of the issue. 

It's obvious that you can't fix a bad engine in a car by simply changing the oil or adding a new round of tires, and yet, many people fall for the bait that you can overwrite years of dis-fluent speech with a quick purchase on Amazon. 

Quick-Fixes Don't Work

Here are 3 reasons why they don’t work:

  1. Habits and behavioral patterns of any sort are damn hard to break. It takes a LOT of dedicated effort and focus to change your speech habits. This is inescapable. Quick change usually means quick relapse. But true change involves the process of LITERALLY rewiring your brain. You can do it – I’ve done it, many others have done it – but it’s no overnight fix. 

  2. The brain adapts to the device or technique. Sure, you might get a little boost in fluency for a while, often in large part due to the placebo effect. But once your brain adapts to the device or to the trick, you’re right back at square one. 

  3. “Quick fixes” go against the grain of human nature. At some point we just need to come to grips with this reality: human nature is gonna do human nature things. And one thing that’s true about human nature is that your brain is stubborn and resistant to the idea of changing your habits. Change happens as a result of high-quality SYSTEMS and PROCESSES you follow and commit to. Trying to override human nature with our own cute ideas – yeah that never works. 

So here’s what I want you to do: embrace slow growth. Sure, it takes more patience to grow slowly, but the rewards you reap when you embrace this approach are actually real and will last a lifetime.

My commitment to excellence in my speech has led me to pursue my dreams in life with more confidence and excitement than I've ever had.


So here's my challenge for you today 

Take out a pen and paper (or open your notes app on your phone) and write down three ways your life would improve if you became a fluent speaker.

And then once you've completed that, go watch my Stop Stuttering Workshop for free and start implementing the plan that is laid out for you there. Check it out below...


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